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Milk Chocolates

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Milk Chocolate  Sees Candy

The process of producing milk chocolate was perfected by Daniel Peter of Vevey, Switzerland. The Swiss candle-maker joined his father-in-law's chocolate business and in 1867 he began experimenting with milk as an ingredient by combining the cocoa nib, sugar, fat, and condensed milk. In 1875 he brought milk chocolate to the market place.

Milk chocolate is formulated by substituting entire milk solids for a portion with the chocolate liquor used in generating sweet chocolate. The US Government requires a 10% concentration of chocolate liquor and the European guidelines specify a minimal of 25% cocoa solids. Thus milk chocolate does not contain as significantly chocolate liquor as dark chocolate, which offers it a softer chocolate flavour. The top quality of milk chocolate varies, the better brands contain a greater percentage of chocolate liquor utilizing pure ingredients with no artificial flavoring. European milk chocolate usually contains condensed milk, whereas American and British milk chocolate consists of a milk and sugar mixture.